Saturday, May 9, 2009

Strip Mall Zen

Via Twitter: 1:48PM
Sitting in a Starbucks, eating oatmeal, drinking dark roast. Strip mall zen.

Today is one of those days in the northeast that isn't quite hot, but the humidity makes up the difference. Humidity builds up under watchbands, and car seat backs, and around the brims of hats.

Today whispers of August and hot parking lot solitude. Rows of spaces remain because everyone is either hiding in the air conditioning or sitting in the shade of some park.

Today also whispers of thunderstorms, the trademark of a northeastern summer afternoon. Right now, the sky is featureless and gray but not quite purple. Eventually the gray will fade into nothing OR some unknown tipping point will fire off a monster that will come over the horizon decked out in bruise purple pointing dendrite fingers toward all the high points.

I missed the summer. Winter is a wait. Something to endure. Summer is an opportunity. Something to be used as a starting point.

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