Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hay Trailer in Fog

[Above] Hay Trailer in Fog

10.32pm and I am calling it a night. Helicopters fly over the house and the moon dips in and out of passing clouds. I can see the top of the Corning Tower from my living room window. The aircraft beacons are automated, as is much of the city at this hour. Much of the world runs on autopilot. The designs for automation are everywhere. Embedded and ingrained. Satellite radio is on and I am listening to the New York City traffic report. There is an accident on the BQE. Information used to be scarce, now there is an overload, everyday, all the time. I heard a fact somewhere that the average person in 2009 takes in and processes more information in a day than a person in the middle ages processed in their entire lifetime. Too much of anything can't be good for you.

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