Thursday, October 11, 2007

River Street Gothic

This broken line of rooftops greeted me every morning in another life. Not literally another life, just another time. The mood and sky in remind me perfectly of my large, cold apartment by the river. Sounds of the neighbors echoing off of hardwood floors. Sub woofer bleeding through the ceiling as the online gamer freak upstairs saves the universe from alien attack just in time for sunrise. That is, when the sun did rise. It always rains over Gotham, and the city is always the color of November. The lady who used practice ballroom dancing in the window of the apartment across the street was the only color in an outdated television landscape. I don't miss the city. Not one bit.

I captured this image with a 1950's vintage Argus C3 35MM on Ilford HP5 pushed a stop. Camera choice seemed to fit the subject.

I miss chlorophyll already and it's not even mid-October.

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