Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Infrastructure as Art

[Left] Wharf Infrastructure
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Summer 2006

[Below] Canal Street Station
New York City
Winter 2001

The world under the city is beautiful and seldom seen.* I took this image of the underside of McMillian Wharf in the summer of 2006 and I just rediscovered it tonight on a laptop I seldom use.

The image of Canal Street Station was my first time back in New York City after 911. The city I knew so well seemed different and surreal. I set my 35mm to infinity and shot this image of an unknown woman carrying groceries to the train.

* That is, except if you are looking to head uptown at rush hour and the 6 is down above Astor Place. Canal Street Station becomes a maze of white tile mosaics and long corridors that always seem to lead to the wrong side of the street. Up the stairs, the sidewalk vendors sell bootleg Sean John and $10 Gucci glasses to bargain hungry tourists from somewhere near Syracuse.

Last minute kayaking trip tomorrow. Tonight, the cameras sleep in their waterproof housings.

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