Saturday, October 6, 2007

Old Troy Hospital

There is obvious difficulty in capturing a clean landscape within the city. Often, the photos in my portfolio look peaceful, but they rarely are. Many are the end result of some mad dash through rural roads or city streets in hopes of beating the sunset. This photo of West Hall on the R.P.I. campus is one of my favorite images from this past summer season. It captures a hot, late summer/early fall day perfectly. The foliage is full and colorful, the sun is warm, and the sky is conflicted. Troy, NY is a city on a hill, and for this reason, provides a perfect vantage point to observe approaching weather. I tracked the thunderstorm as it moved in from the west, over the Hudson River waterfront and past downtown. I sat and waited for the darkness to pass behind the golden brick facade of West Hall. Luckily the sun was low on the horizon and beginning to turn orange which provided perfect illumination. Winter in upstate New York has a very limited color palette, these autumn photos are the last opportunity to capture a landscape with vibrant color before the snow falls and completely redefines the way the world looks and feels.

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