Saturday, October 20, 2007

House at Coast Guard Beach

[Left] House at Coast Guard Beach

This hundred year old Coast Guard house overlooks the open Atlantic. Its beams have weathered some of the worst weather on the east coast, including the devastating Blizzard of '78 (a stormfront so powerful, it sucked Henry Beston's famed Outermost House out to sea.) This image was shot digitally for a design project promoting a fundraising initiative for the preservation of historical architecture on the Cape.

The days are getting shorter, but the temperatures are still in the mid 70's with 90% humidity. I have a few cycling related projects planned this week. Tonight, I am researching cyclocross races across New England. I love the battlefield vibe of a good cross race on a wet day. Images of muddy winter courses have changed little since the races of 1940's Belgium. Getting some epic cross photos is definitely on my tick list for winter.

There are nothing commercially available for mounting cameras to bikes, kayaks, snowboards, or any other unstable moving object. I have been building camera mounts for years from cannibalized tripods, climbing gear, neoprene, and stainless steel hardware from Home Depot. Over the years, I have accumulated an entire self of bombproof mounting options for bikes and snowboards. I started building prototypes in the mid 1990's from small plastic Ultrapods, frame pump mounts, cork bar tape, and Blackburn bottle cages. Attaching a camera housing to the downtube of a mountain bike isn't exactly a new concept, but every year I feel the need to make my contribution to the collective body of extreme angle cycling photos. The shortened days and rapidly degrading color pallet of the landscape give this project an increased sense of urgency. The gray landscape of winter in the Northeast is quickly approaching.

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