Monday, May 16, 2011

Project 365 : Mosaic

[Above] John Bulmer 365 : Mosaic Poster
A year ago, I started a Project 365 on a whim. Over the course of an hour, I bought a domain and decided to commit to a project that would take me an untold amount of time and driving and one year to complete. The last year has been strange and at times, difficult. Tomorrow at 7:30am we are scheduled to inspect our newly completed home. Construction started on it last October. Within the next week, we start the next chapter in our lives after what has been a difficult year of change, moving, storage units and doing without. Day 103 was the last day in the home we lived in since 2004, the home we brought our daughter home from the hospital to. This project means even more to me as it ends on the eve of those events.

Over the past year, this project has spanned much of New England and all types of weather conditions. At times, coming up with a new, professional quality image everyday has been difficult, but ultimately rewarding. Over the last year, I have learned to study subjects, redefine what I consider subject matter, and read weather patterns to get the most out of available light and color. With mixed emotions I close out I am proud of the dedication it took to complete the year.

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