Sunday, October 12, 2008

Troy in Miniature

[Above] Troy in Miniature

Shot this from the large TROY sign in Prospect Park with a LensBaby 2.0. Actually, I shot about 30 of them because the LensBaby is so unpredictable. The rangefinder effect was achieved by not compressing the lens and a lot of trail and error.

[Below] Skeleton from Halloween Display
Manchester, Vermont

I love hoakey Halloween displays. Love everything about Halloween. Love bad horror movies once a year, like Adrienne Barbeau in the original version of The Fog. Love watching normal people turn into freaks. Getting a glimpse into people's repressed, wishful secret identities by what they choose as a costume. Love the randomness, like being able to drive through downtown Albany and see the droogs from A Clockwork Orange skulking down North Pearl. Almost makes me want to dust off the first White Zombie CD and anything by Glenn Danzig.

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