Sunday, October 12, 2008

Little Johnny's

[Above] Little Johnny's, Grafton Lakes State Park
Grafton, New York

Great riding this week. Fall has taken hold of the Northeast. The late summer has been virtually rain free leaving the bulk of area singletrack dry and fast. Add a sprinkling of leaves to the mix and you get classic autumn riding conditions. Wanting to take advantage, I headed out for a few orbits around Grafton this week. Shot some video from a handlebar mount as filler for some of the projects I am currently editing. The lack of mounting options made me rethink some of the factory mounts that ship with the V.I.O. POV. The result was a prototype that protects the camera head in closed cell foam and ABS plastic, guides the video cable safely out of the way, and provides an infinite configuration of mounting options. The ABS can be drilled and dremeled for any application. [Below] Check out the announcement posted on R7 Studios Newswire below:

R7 Studios has developed a tripod mount for the V.I.O. POV1. Ideal for stationary shots triggered with the camera remote, the Diabolis POV Tripod Mount 1.0 encases the camera head in closed cell foam and ABS plastic. Off the tripod, the mount can be lashed to almost anything. Targus Gypton XL Tripod included.