Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Season of Sunsets on 107.7 WGNA


"I’ve always loved the Albany skyline and this is probably one of the coolest pictures of it I’ve ever seen! Don’t you agree? 

John Bulmer took a series of multiple sunsets and created this incredible photo. As someone who loves old photgraphs of historic Albany or even current ones like what Bulmer has done, I try and find as many interesting Albany Instagram accounts as I can. I’m partial to “Albanyarchives” and “Albanydoesntsuck” for their appreciation of this great city of ours, rich with history and cool architecture. 

I came across this photo while checking out one of my favorite local websites, All Over Albany. Sometimes Albany gets a bad rap for some of the eyesores we have (travel 787 on your way north and look to the left) but if you look from afar like Bulmer did, or dig a little deeper like the “2 girls with camera phones” do with Albanydoesntsuck, you’ll see some inspiring and historic images! Read 

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