Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goodbye Blue Mondays

Andrew Bernstein, one of the organizers of the SPA:CX Cyclocross Races, has featured one of my images on his blog, Good Bye Blue Mondays. Andrew is a regular contributor to Embrocation Cycling Journal, Velo News (www.velonews.com), and Cyclocross Magazine (www.cxmagazine.com). SPA:CX has become one of my favorite events to photograph. To find out more about this year's race, visit spacx.blogspot.com

My last cycling shoot of the year will be at The Bethlehem Cup in Delmar on November 14th. I'm looking forward to compiling images from this year's cycling season over the next few months. I have been busy this year. From the Tour of Battenkill, multiple meets at Mount Snow, the UCI at Windham, fall cyclocross races, and various trail days, I have thousands of images to edit. There are worse things than editing images of cycling on hot summer days in the midst of the gray of February. Check www.velogothic.com for updates and more details.

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