Monday, May 5, 2008

Rhino Chasing

[Above] Marzocchi Bomber Front Suspension Fork

Spring 2008 Update: You may have noticed a slight reduction in blog posts in the past few weeks. Well, I will have you know all is well. I am proud to report that I have been making stunning inroads into the field of cryptozoology. In the last few weeks I have organized several expeditions into the wilds of upstate New York after a rash of Bigfoot sightings in the Adirondack foothills. I hope to produce concrete evident as to the creature's existence.

I hope to be the next Roger Patterson.

My Downtempo CD Giants Without Hearts is almost finished and ready for upload to iTunes. I will keep you updated on the progress. I have some east coast shows lined up for later in the summer. More on that later too. I want to thank the guys from the Thievery Corporation for the remix they did of my first single, 12 Forty 8.

Now seriously: I have been taking full advantage of the warm, yet sparse, Northeastern weather. At this point, I am deep into the filming and editing of Northeastern Revolution: A New England Mountain Bike Adventure. Putting up big trail runs and mountain bike rides have become a priority lately. While I have some photojournalism projects and live event coverage planned for later in the summer, I am pretty much just paying the bills these days. At this point, I am just waiting for some article proposals to come in and provide me with a little adventure. A few weeks ago, CNN's American Morning featured one of my weather images. So, for now, I am just doing enough to be able to get outside and have fun.

Cycling has been a steady part of my life since 1990. A few years ago, my passion for riding mutated into something akin to a loveless part time job. Strange interpersonal dynamics with riding partners, close calls with SUV's, and the lack of desire to be on a bike for 25 hours a week led me to take up running in a big way. My bikes sat dormant for 2 years. Time heals everything. Getting back to my roots, I am once again in love with mountain biking. I no longer ride the road and I no longer wear those silly super hero crime fighter outfits. So, for the time being, cycling and photography have fused into one. I am taking the summer to document, both in video and still, as much mountain bike action as I can.

More soon.

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