Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fortune is Gone

[Above] Winter Surfer on Ogunquit Beach
[Lower] Surfer through vintage Kodak Duaflex

Rain hits the windows of the car in sheets with a sound similar to rock salt being thrown at glass. A lone, neoprene clad surfer makes his way through the 4 foot breakers to a non-existent lineup. Everything is gray. Up is gray. Down is gray. The only line of demarcation between the horizon and beach is the white fingernails of the waves. Somewhere off shore, a winter storm draws in energy from an air mass over the Canadian shield and coughs this miniature winter swell shoreward. There is talk of snow tomorrow. Another trademark day for the Maine coast. 50 feet from the car, a boarded up fortune teller’s booth reads “See you next season.”

There has to be a lesson in there somewhere.

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