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The Ruins of Mount Ida | 02.25.2024

 The Ruins of Mount Ida // Troy, New York 

These remnants are all that remain of the once-thriving houses at the base of Mount Ida in Troy, New York. Amidst the ruins, one discovers numerous footings, stairways embellished with handmade railings, foundations, and small compartments. Strewn about are bricks harking back to the early 1900s, clam shells, shattered apothecary bottles, and remnants of handmade fencing. 

Perched atop Mount Ida, Prospect Park in Troy, New York, graces some of the city's most picturesque terrain. Rising 285 feet above sea level, Mount Ida offers sweeping vistas extending up to 20 miles.
Spanning 80 acres, Prospect Park nestles between Congress and Hill Street, crowning the summit of Mount Ida. The park's original design dates back to 1903 and is credited to Garnet Douglass Baltimore, a local landscape engineer and the first African-American graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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