Sunday, March 12, 2023

Reclaimed Cities 2023 | Collection 2.0

9 years ago I created a series of images of imagining what the landmarks of the Capital District would look like in the absence of humans. The series was called Reclaimed Cities and it was more popular than I could have ever imagined. They were featured on 2 television networks, radio, and web media outlets. The images eventually turned into viral content receiving thousands of social media shares and making their way across the country. 

By design, I never created a narrative about them, they were meant for individual interpretation. Some people saw zombies, some people inferred climate change, and others saw pandemic. Covid 19 changed the meaning of the photos when we all became accustomed to abandoned cities. 

They were one of the most popular stores of 2014 on All Over Albany and the original images still receive shares today. Technology has progressed tremendously since the first images. Wanting to see what's possible, I have created Reclaimed CIties 2023. The detail, definition, and structure possible today are incredible compared to 2014.

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