Saturday, August 27, 2022

Troy Skyline (Looking North) Found Object Art


Troy Skyline (Looking North)
Line and Wash on a Book Page, Found Object Art

Description: Troy, NY: In the early morning hours of March 6th, 2021, the historic building that housed Hill's Stationery, and a handful of apartments, burned in spectacular fashion. The fire shot flames as high as 50 feet into the winter sky producing an orange glow that could be seen from all over the city, and the towns across the river.

The next day, I captured numerous images of the aftermath for a newswire service of an ice-encrusted shell of a building. The cars and trees on State Street were entombed in inches of ice and covered in soot.

The view from the parking garage behind Hill's is one of my favorites of the City of Troy. Over the years, I have captured it hundreds of times in all sorts of lighting and weather. In fact, there is a 22-foot version of one of those images in an office in Troy. On the parking deck, I found a few burnt pages from a book blowing in the cold breeze. The book was about Thomas Aquinas, and this particular page was about art and morality. I picked one up at the time knowing I would eventually make a piece of art of it.

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