Saturday, August 31, 2013

Beam : 08.30.2013

[Above] Beam
Late night light painting experiments on Nauset Light Beach, Eastham, Massachusetts.

As we were running around the beach with red LEDs, to our south, someone was launching sky lanterns. Each would float off into the moonlight as their amber glow would remain visible for miles. Further down the beach, someone was shooting a high intensity green laser into the Milky Way as if attempting communication with something real or imagined.

The totality of the scene must have looked crazy from the observation deck just below the lighthouse. While staring out at the ocean at night, darkness hides the details, only electric lights in the distance suggest another human.

We shot at high tide, and the beach break would explode out of the darkness at 10 second intervals as the beam from Nauset Light would sweep overhead.

Nothing like the solitude of a beach at night. It provided quite a contrast to the chaos and push of Route 6 during peak hour.

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