Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ghosts in the Machine

I shot this race last weekend in Bethleham, New York. In all, I shot about 500 images from the day's first three races. The day consisted of jockeying for position with another photographer who was sporting one of those silly combat correspondent's photo vests. All he needed was a kevlar helmet and he would have looked official. Sometimes event coverage degrades into a game of one upmanship, but this was a little ridiculous. Homeboy was rolling around on the ground and climbing trees. His presence in front of my lens was obviously intentional. He was really getting his Dexter Filkins on.

The above images are all that remain from the corrupt CF card from the day. I have never had a card fry up before and it is a little sobering. Makes me want to rethink my work flow and add some redundancy into the system.

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